Rehab Treatment

Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan

If you are embarking on the path to recovery from addiction, then you have probably heard about a “relapse prevention plan.” But what is it? And how can one create an effective personalized plan to avoid relapse? Read on to answer these questions and learn the step-by-step process of forming a solid relapse prevention plan. […]
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Building Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Recovery is a transformative process that demands more than mere abstinence from addictive substances and behaviors. It’s a time of self-reflection, personal growth, and rebuilding healthy relationships. Developing such relationships can be the key to success on this challenging road.  Read on to understand why building healthy relationships in recovery is essential and how to […]
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Behavioral Health

In today’s world, people are experiencing more mental health problems than ever before.  Every year in the United States, twenty percent of adults have mental health issues, and a large majority of these individuals also suffer from addiction disorders.  Such conditions may be challenging to cure because of their complexities and because different individuals have […]
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