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Addiction Treatment in Ohio

Without appropriate treatment, when a person struggles with an addiction, it tends to be progressive and worsen. The consequences of untreated addiction can be mental, physical, emotional, and social. There’s rarely an aspect of a person’s life not affected by addiction. If you’re looking for addiction treatment centers in Cincinnati for yourself, or someone you love, Resurge Recovery offers outpatient programs designed around your individual and unique needs.

Intensive Outpatient

The intensive outpatient program at Resurge Recovery is dedicated to providing flexible options for those seeking recovery.


Our outpatient rehab program was designed to offer a 360 approach when treating substance abuse.

Medication-Assisted Therapy

Medication-assisted treatment is one of the foundations of our programming offer a solid foundation for long-term healing.


How Addiction Happens

Some people can use alcohol or certain drugs and never develop an addiction or dependence. Then, for other people, using certain substances can quickly lead to developing a substance use disorder

Why is that?

Addiction, a lifelong disease and chronic condition of the brain occurs because of changes in your brain chemistry. Some people are more susceptible to these changes and effects than others.

When you use a substance that’s addictive, it can create a euphoric feeling or a high. The high comes from the release of feel-good brain neurotransmitters, including dopamine. Drugs release much higher amounts of these neurotransmitters than healthy behaviors that cause you to feel good. Your brain’s reward cycle can become activated as a result. The brain is wired to want to keep seeking out those pleasure-bringing activities, and in the case of drugs or alcohol, that can contribute to an addiction.

There are both substance and behavioral addictions, and both tend to involve the brain’s reward system.

Researchers are looking at the differences in the brains of people with substance and behavioral addictions compared to people without.

For anyone seeking a Cincinnati addiction treatment program, Resurge Recovery is a Cincinnati outpatient rehab center. We provide treatment services in a comfortable and safe environment.

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The Most Common Addictions

Some of the substances people most often become addicted to include:

Someone with an alcohol use disorder can't control their drinking. Alcohol affects communication pathways in the brain, and it can have serious negative effects on overall health and wellness.
Because so many states are moving to legalize marijuana, we tend to associate it with fewer harms than other drugs. In reality, people do develop addictions to marijuana because of the activation of THC receptors in the brain.
Opioid addiction is among the most impactful public health emergencies. Overdose deaths from prescription pain medicines started to soar in the 2010s. These medications include codeine, Vicodin, morphine, and others, and they activate the brain's opioid receptors throughout the entire central nervous system.
A stimulant, cocaine floods your brain with dopamine, initially leading to euphoria and high energy levels. The high is short-lived, though. Along with addiction, there are other negative effects of cocaine, including the risk of heart complications.
Also called crystal meth or just meth, methamphetamine is a dangerous illegal stimulant. People with meth addictions will often follow binge and crash patterns in their use because the high comes on quickly but also dissipates fast.
This illegal opioid affects the brain and body in the same ways as prescription drugs. Heroin comes from morphine and can lead to an overdose because it slows the functions of the central nervous system.
These prescription medicines depress the central nervous system, and they're given for insomnia and anxiety disorders. Benzodiazepines include Xanax, Valium and Klonopin.

At Resurge Recovery, a Cincinnati drug rehab facility, we treat all types of substance addictions with compassion and expertise. If you’d like to explore the options for Cincinnati addiction recovery, we encourage you to contact our team.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Addiction?

If you’re concerned someone you care about is struggling with addiction, some of the possible signs to watch for include:

  • Disregarding the harm being caused by continuing to use drugs or alcohol.
  • A loss of control.
  • Obsessively thinking about the substance to the point that it’s the primary focus and priority over everything else, like work and family.
  • Denying or hiding use.
  • Having a desire to stop but not being able to.
  • Personal problems occur.
  • Developing health issues.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when cutting back or trying to stop.

If you need access to addiction treatment centers in Ohio, Resurge Recovery is a leading Cincinnati outpatient rehab center.


How is Addiction Treated?

Addiction is a complex disease, and multiple factors often play a role. As a result, addiction treatment should consider all of a person’s needs.

Behavioral therapy is usually at the core of an addiction treatment plan. Behavioral therapies can help someone struggling with addiction to identify negative or detrimental thoughts and behaviors and replace them with more positive ones.

Addiction treatment can be in an inpatient or outpatient environment. Many people will follow a continuum of care, starting with a high treatment intensity, such as residential rehab. Then, they follow that with a move into a less intensive treatment level as they’re ready, reducing the risk of relapse.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be part of overcoming addiction as well. Medication-assisted treatment uses FDA-approved medicines to help with symptoms of withdrawal and substance cravings. It’s not a standalone addiction treatment but can be part of a larger, more in-depth treatment plan. MAT can help someone deal with physical symptoms early in their recovery so that they can focus entirely on treatment.

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Addiction Treatment in Ohio at Resurge Recovery

Key points that are part of treatment at Resurge Recovery, an outpatient rehab center in Ohio, include:

  • Evidence-based treatment plans built on our scientific understanding of addiction.
  • Medical professionals and licensed clinicians lead the staff.
  • Help access community resources, including education, housing, and medical care.
  • A holistic approach that includes physical fitness and yoga for the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

During our intensive outpatient programs, an excellent option for anyone seeking addiction treatment centers in Ohio, you might expect the following:

  • Your treatment plan will address the disease model of addiction.
  • You will work to learn relapse prevention and recovery skills.
  • Treatment plans at Resurge Recovery often include family education with topics focusing on wellness, triggers, harm reduction, and other relevant topics.
  • A combination of both group and individual therapy every week.
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